A New Tree Biology Dictionary
A NEW TREE BIOLOGY DICTIONARY: Terms, Topics, and Treatments for Trees and Their Problems and Proper Care This is ONLY the Dictionary. This Dictionary is included within the hard cover book A New Tree Biology and Dictionary . Soft cover, 6" x 9" x .5" 132 pages text, no photos or diagrams ISBN 0-943563-12-7
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Tree Basics, Alex Shigo
Tree Basics
Product Code: bk006   What every person needs to know about trees. Learn about trees and their associates so that you can help make better decisions for their long-term, high-quality survival. Dr. Shigo explains the complex and fascinating mysteries of how a tree works. Even foresters and botanists will find this helpful for explaining to others the biology of trees. For that reason Tree Basics has been placed in all New Hampshire schools.
  • "Tree Basics" presents an excellent explanation of tree decay and compartmentalization.
  • A complete tree anatomy lesson on how bark, roots, leaves and flowers work.
  • Tree care advice including how to prune correctly.
Size: 11" x 8.5" 40 pages   $8.00
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A New Tree Biology and Dictionary
Product Code: bk003 A New Tree Biology changed the way the world looked at, studied and understood trees from the inside and out.  A New Tree Biology and Dictionary were originally in two parts. Now they are combined as A New Tree Biology and Dictionary, the text and terms all in one! A New Tree Biology and Dictionary is sturdy hardcover, 619 pages, 688 photos plus references and index, followed by the dictionary of 132 pages, with quick reference to 239 important subjects, all in one book . This is a comprehensive resource. Chapter headings: Emerging, a New Tree Biology; Trees and Insects and Mites; Trees and Micoorganisms; Trees and Animals; Survival; Leaves; Fruit; The Cambium and Bark; Roots; Prelude to the Branch; Branches; Branch Shedding; Epicormic Branches and Limb Drop; Wood and Boundaries; Heartwood and Discolored Wood and the System; Wetwood; Chestnut Blight; Hypoxlyn Canker; Strumella Canker; Cankers; Canker Rots; Polyporus glomeratus; Fomes everhartii; Fumes pini – Canker Rot in Pine; Caution; Fomes pini and Related Species; Armillaria mellea; Root Rot; Fomes annosus; Tree Treatments; Pruning; Included Bark and Pruning; Topping; Cracks; Basal Sprouts; Callus and Wound Closure; Cavities; Injections and Implants; Wound Dressings; Trichoderma and Bicontrol; Cabling and Bracing; Other Treatments and Problems; Genetics; Dutch Elm Disease; Fire Blight; Utility Poles and Wood Products; The Future. Size: 9.5" x 6.5" x 1.5" $87.00
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Modern Arboriculture
Product Code: bk002 Show your commitment to proper tree care! A recent reprinting of Modern Arboriculture  makes this most popular item available now to everyone! Modern Arboriculture  is one of the most studied, requested and acclaimed books of Dr. Alex L. Shigo Modern arboriculture is about new and better ways to help trees stay healthy, safe and attractive.
  • Modern arboriculture is about the tree system; how it grows, how it defends itself, and how it eventually dies
  • Modern arboriculture is about using your mind as well as your muscles
  • Many old treatments have hurt the tree system. Many adjustments to old practices must be made now.
Common tree treatments, and other seldom discussed subjects such as: symplast, tyloses, reaction wood, protection wood, genetics of CODIT, infection pathways, canker rots, wound reactions, energy flow, ATP, glycolysis, enzymes, mass-energy ratio, three-tree concept, core-skin hypothesis, mycorrhizae and phenological patterns. Size: 9.25" x 6.25" x 1" 390 pages $68.00
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Tree Pruning, Alex Shigo
Tree Pruning
Product Code: bk008 An informative photoguide discusses pruning for both attractiveness and health. The first and only book that shows you from the inside how branches come on a tree.  Once you know this, proper pruning becomes easy.  A conversational style, beautiful pictures and diagrams, plus step-by-step illustrations, makes it easy to understand.  A 40-page appendix provides more detail on 27 pruning subjects. The concepts come from 30 years of research that included the dissections of over 15,000 trees. Size: 9" x 6" x .5" 180 pages   $39.00
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Tree Anatomy, Alex Shigo, Tree Basics
Tree Anatomy
Product Code: bk005 NEW PRICE Tree Anatomy is about the parts and structures of the tree system. It is about the beautiful and marvelous ways they are connected. The majesty and beauty of trees are shown from the inside, with close-up views taken under the microscope at low power, 8 to 64 X. Tree Anatomy is a beautiful, durable, and useful book for all people who care for trees and care about trees. The large color photos and brief captions make it easy to read and understand. A perfect complement to biology and tree anatomy classes. Here are just a few points you will see and learn more about:
  • The beauty of small flowers and their anatomy
  • Chlorophyll in young bark, in fissues in bark on old trees
  • The wondrous world of soil fungi
  • Mycorrhizae, actinorhizae and root hairs
  • Barrier zones and reaction zones in tropical trees
  • The orderly connected parts of the tree system
Size: 12.5" x 9" x .5" 102 pages $60.00
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Alex Shigo, Jack Phillips, Tree Series
Soul of a Tree
Product Code: SOU72 A new title from Shigo and Trees, Associates!! Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care by Jack Phillips. Extending the sequence of essays that Alex Shigo and Jack Phillips planned and began together, the series has now been completed. This is a book of Shigo philosophy, research and commentary on trees, their environment and care as imparted by Dr. Shigo to Jack Phillips on their walks through the woods and around a microscope. This book greatly expands, and replaces, The Nature of Tree Care. "Why should we bother with this talk of soul? Discovering the inner and communal life of trees can help us to treat them with greater care. We might discover something about ourselves as well." "Arboriculture is not only the cultivation of trees. It is the cultivation of a community to which we belong." "Good arboriculture, according to Shigo, is based on understanding how trees grow and survive." This book would make an excellent companion to Modern Arboriculture. It is written in an understandable conversational style, addressing tree anatomy, biology and care, with a philosophical and environmental perspective as well. This book is 6" x 9", 52 pages with full color photos throughout.   $19.00
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Alex Shigo, Tree Pruning Basics
Tree Pruning Basics
Product Code: PRUBA Correct pruning leads to healthy, beautiful and safe trees. Correct pruning begins with an understanding of branch anatomy. Size: 11" x 8.5" 32 pages $14.00
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Tree Pithy Points, Alex Shigo
Tree Pithy Points
Product Code: TRE22 The brief messages are those used in talks by Dr. Shigo since 1960. The photos punctuate some of the points.  The messages are all on even numbered pages and the photos are on odd numbered pages. It is designed as two books in one. The photos show: Mycorrhizae, mulch, roots, forest trees, city trees, hazard trees, pollarding, trees in large containers, worms in soil, water problems, grass problems, starch test, actinorhizae, lichens, trees in clusters, young people and trees, bracing problems, wraps, poor quality stock, trees under lines, 90-3-90 at work, insects, cracks, dissections, growth patterns, storm damage, ice injury, over pruning, new ways to kill trees!, dead trees in play grounds, logs, palms over pruned, anthracnose, lightning injury, city tree canopy, and more! The object of the book is to make you think. Size: 9" x 6" x .25" 160 pages $20.00
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100 Tree Myths
Product Code: bk001 It is time to discard the many myths about trees and their care. This book describes the myths then provides the correct information on topics ranging from tree environment, anatomy, growth, planting, care, pruning, insects, diseases, wounds and more. Most myths / corrections show black and white diagrams or photo illustrations. Soft cover, 80 glossy pages 6” x 9”. Second printing now available. Author: Alex L. Shigo Size 9" x 6" x .25" 80 pages $14.00
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Shigo, Baumschnitt, Tree Care

Tree Pruning German edition

Product Code: 72 Tree Pruning translated into German. This item is NOT available from this website. To place an order, please go to: http://shop.freeworker.de/baumschnitt-shigo-tree-pruning.html $0.00
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Pithy Points German edition

Product Code: 73 Tree Pruning translated into German. This item is NOT available from this website. To place an order, please go to: http://shop.freeworker.de/kernpunkte-shigo-pithy-points.html $0.00
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Dr. Shigo’s Tree Series
Product Code: bk010 A collection of all 9 books NEW PRICE 1 each of 9 individual books: 100 Tree Myths, Modern Arboriculture, New Tree Biology, Tree Anatomy, Tree Basics, Tree Pithy Points, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Basics, Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care (by Jack Phillips) $265.00 [gallery ids="86,85,84,83,82,77,73,62,59"]
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The Complete Library

Books, CD's, Pamphlets

Product Code: COME2 NEW PRICE 1 each of 16 individual items: 100 Tree Myths, Modern Arboriculture, New Tree Biology, Tree Anatomy, Tree Basics, Tree Pithy Points, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Basics, 5 Minute Tree Care, Caring for Young Trees, Tree Hazards, Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines, Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care (by Jack Phillips), The Alex L. Shigo Story DVD, Backyard Pathology DVD, Trees, Associate and Shigo CD $415.00
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