The Alex Shigo Story
The Alex Shigo Story

The Alex L. Shigo Story........

Product Code: CD003   Alex Shigo was an amazing man. He pursued his life and interests with passion and enthusiasm. This story, filmed during the fall and winter of 2005-2006, portrays the people and influences over his life time -- his family and friends, education, music, research, travel, love of trees, and all their many connections. Filmed at his home and the surrounding woods, this video includes photos and music throughout his life. Touch Trees with Alex, get a glimpse of his workshops and travels, hear his music and philosophy shown through the eyes (and camera lens) of his friend, Charley Owens, and through the testimonials of disciples and friends in the tree care industry from around the world. 93 minutes Author / Charley Owens Publisher / "Shigo and Trees, Associates LLC" $25.00
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Backyard Pathology, Alex Shigo
Backyard Pathology
Product Code: CD001 Dr. Shigo takes you on a tour of a New Hampshire woods, stopping to discuss various issues affecting trees and their environments. Like Emerson and Thoreau, this elder naturalist shares the wisdom of his years living in the woods and observing nature in its many forms. This video presentation is narrated by the author, and provides an insight into the physiology and ecology of trees gained from a career lived in close association with trees. 30 minutes running time contains additional files of photos and diagrams   $25.00
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Trees, Associates, and Shigo
Trees, Associates, and Shigo
Product Code: CD002 5.0 average, based on 1 reviews   A collection of over 5000 photos as pdf's from research and travels worldwide over a 40-year period. There are many, but not all, photos from the books of Alex Shigo with many! more as well. The intent of this collection is to provide educators (colleges, universities, businesses, garden or neighborhood clubs, etc.) with clear and accurate photos for inclusion in Power Point presentations. There are photos of trees and their components, whole and dissected, fungi, mycorrhizae, insects, birds and animal associates, and so much more. Each photo has a unique caption. There is no additional text. All items are well organized and there is a list of contents with each disk that is fully searchable for ease of use. All photos are for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced for sale or distribution or for personal use by any means or in any way. $125.00
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Tree Anatomy Below Ground, Alex Shigo
Tree Anatomy Below Ground DVD
Product Code: TRE43 DVD of 80 photos by Alex L. Shigo with his own narration detailing: Roots - root hairs, meristematic points, growth Associates - mycorrhizae, bacteria, microorganisms Planting - good and bad Soil - components And more about what's going on and growing in the ground, in and around trees Includes DVD (42 minutes) with easy selection and navigation, and accompanying script $25.00
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Tree Anatomy, Alex Shigo, Tree Basics
Tree Anatomy Combo
Product Code: TREL2 NEW PRICE Tree Anatomy, the book, (list price $79) AND Tree Anatomy Below Ground DVD (list price $25) TOGETHER priced at $85 Sold as one unit Not included as set with Complete Library or Dr. Shigo's Tree Series $70.00 Tree Anatomy, Alex Shigo, Tree BasicsTree Anatomy Below Ground, Alex Shigo
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The Complete Library

Books, CD's, Pamphlets

Product Code: COME2 1 each of 14 individual items: 100 Tree Myths, Modern Arboriculture, A New Tree Biology and Dictionary, Tree Anatomy, Tree Basics, Tree Pithy Points, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Basics, 5 Minute Tree Care, Caring for Young Trees, Tree Hazards, Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines, Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care (by Jack Phillips), Trees, Associate and Shigo CDs   $377.00
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