An order may be placed in one of several ways, whichever is most convenient for you. See Payment information below.

  1. Directly from this website, click on any of the categories above and select items for purchase. Submit your request and Visa or MasterCard payment details.
  2. Send an e-mail (see Contact Us below) with your request, shipping information and credit card payment details. You may split your credit card information across two or more successive messages.
  3. Phone the number below and leave pertinent information, including a return phone number in case there are any questions. Please speak clearly.
  4. Fax your request (see Contact Us below) with contact and shipping information and credit card payment details.
  5. Purchase Order from a company or business sent either as a fax, e-mail attachment or through the mail.
  6. Order Form (see below) sent as a fax, e-mail attachment or through the mail.

ORDER FORMTo order books, pamphlets and CD’s/DVD’s click to view and/or print the order form. To order t-shirts and bumper stickers click to view and/or print the t-shirts and bumper stickers order form. The forms may also be completed and returned via e-mail attachment or fax.

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PAYMENTPayment must be in US dollars. Wire transfers or checks must be received for the full amount of the purchase; any bank fees or transfer expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. If you prefer to use PayPal, send a message so that you will receive a PayPal invoice. When the invoice has been paid, the order will ship.

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING – This is a secure ordering web site. Your credit card details are never visible or accessible. Be sure that the billing address matches the credit card in use. The most cost-effective shipping rate (see shipping information below) will be used and will be reflected on your credit card receipt. An e-mailed credit card receipt will be automatically generated on acceptance of the payment. A hard copy receipt will be included with the shipment. A full receipt of the complete order will also be included with the shipment.

CHANGING A SUBMITTED ORDER – The credit card processing tool for this site only allows a decrease in an amount to be captured. If you want to decrease your order, send a note (see Contact Us) with your change request. If you want to add to your order, you will either need to submit an additional order, send a note, or call (see Contact Us) to provide payment information. Your credit card details are not visible or available here to make additions. Changed orders will have shipping costs adjusted accordingly. Multiple orders on the same day will be combined and shipping adjusted.


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BULK ORDERS AND DISCOUNTS – Some items are priced by quantity or grouping. Please be sure to check for your best rate. If you are a book store, reseller, educational institution or other group that will order frequently or in quantities, please contact Shigo and Trees (see Contact Us below) for possible discounts.

Please be sure to note the quantity pricing on pamphlets when completing your order. These rates for the four English language pamphlets are noted below. Quantities among these four items may be mixed-and-matched for improved pricing (example: quantity 5 each of two items will incur the quantity 10 price).

Copies Price
1-9 @ $3.00
10-99 @ $2.00
100-999 @ $1.50
1,000 @ $1.00

See the website or Order Form for other price groups.

Dr. Shigo’s Tree Series is sold as a single item and is comprised of one copy each of the nine hard and soft covered books: 100 Tree Myths, Modern Arboriculture, New Tree Biology and Dictionary set, The Nature of Tree Care: Conversations with Alex Shigo, Tree Anatomy, Tree Basics, Tree Pithy Points, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Basics. This Series is $268 and represents a 20% discount from the individually priced items.

Complete Library of Shigo and Trees, Associates includes one copy each of the nine books, as well as one each of the four pamphlets, plus one each of the Backyard Pathology DVD; Trees, Associates and Shigo CD of 5,000 photos; and The Alex L. Shigo Story DVD at $420, representing a 20% discount from individually priced items.

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SHIPPING – Shipment is usually within a day or two of order placement, excluding weekends and holidays or times of office closure. Your order will not ship: 1) if there are difficulties processing your credit card, 2) if you do not include any shipping costs, 3) if you do not provide sufficient correct address information, 4) if you request verification of shipping costs to your credit card before order processing, or 5) during weekends or holidays.

SHIPPING COSTSShipping options are UPS or US Postal Service. Most items will ship via US Postal Service “flat rate” or first class mail and the most cost-effective rate will always be used*.If you prefer expedited shipping, please make a notation of this preference. Large overseas shipments may be shipped via a freight carrier. Pricing is dependent on the size and weight of the order. In some cases, a better rate may be available and your payment will reflect a reduced charge. (See some pricing examples below.) Shipping reflects current postal service and other rates only.

  • Occasionally the embedded links for USPS or UPS seem confused and will generate an unreasonable shipping rate to your order. Please know that this amount will not be used for your payment acceptance. The most cost-effective rate will be used and your order amount will be adjusted to reflect the less expensive, more reasonable rate.

ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEESShipping costs DO NOT include any brokerage, customs or other fees that may be assessed by the delivery company or the receiving country’s postal service. If delivery requires the payment of any additional fees, these fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

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SAMPLE SHIPPING RATES WITHIN the USA (actual rates may vary depending on quantity of items ordered):

1 copy Modern Arboriculture or 1 A New Tree Biology and Dictionary – $9

1 set Complete Library or 1 Dr. Shigo’s Tree Series – $17

SAMPLE SHIPPING RATES – OUTSIDE the USA (actual rates may vary depending on quantity of items ordered):

1 copy Modern Arboriculture or 1 copy A New Tree Biology and Dictionary – $29 to Canada, $39 to all other countries

1 set Complete Library – $52 to Canada, $84 to all other countries

RETURN POLICY Returns may be made only after contacting Shigo and Trees, Associates LLC prior to item return. All returned items must be shipped at sender’s expense. All returned items must be received in like new condition without marks, stickers or tags, or damage of any kind. Items that are sold as a set or grouping must be returned in total. A 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund due. Return requests must be made within 30 days of order receipt. All items are copyrighted material and may not be copied in any way. Refunds will be made by check unless originally paid by credit card, in which case you must state that a credit card refund is preferred.

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CONTACT US This business is in the West Coast, USA time zone.

Shigo and Trees, Associates LLC
PO Box 2466
Snohomish, WA 98291-2466
Phone: 1 360-862-1869
Fax: 1 360-862-8490

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