Alex Shigo, Jack Phillips, Tree Series
Soul of a Tree
Product Code: SOU72 A new title from Shigo and Trees, Associates!! Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care by Jack Phillips. Extending the sequence of essays that Alex Shigo and Jack Phillips planned and began together, the series has now been completed. This is a book of Shigo philosophy, research and commentary on trees, their environment and care as imparted by Dr. Shigo to Jack Phillips on their walks through the woods and around a microscope. This book greatly expands, and replaces, The Nature of Tree Care. "Why should we bother with this talk of soul? Discovering the inner and communal life of trees can help us to treat them with greater care. We might discover something about ourselves as well." "Arboriculture is not only the cultivation of trees. It is the cultivation of a community to which we belong." "Good arboriculture, according to Shigo, is based on understanding how trees grow and survive." This book would make an excellent companion to Modern Arboriculture. It is written in an understandable conversational style, addressing tree anatomy, biology and care, with a philosophical and environmental perspective as well. This book is soft cover, 6" x 9", 52 pages with full color photos throughout.   $19.00
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Tree Pithy Points, Alex Shigo
Tree Pithy Points
Product Code: TRE22 The brief messages are those used in talks by Dr. Shigo since 1960. The photos punctuate some of the points.  The messages are all on even numbered pages and the photos are on odd numbered pages. It is designed as two books in one. The photos show: Mycorrhizae, mulch, roots, forest trees, city trees, hazard trees, pollarding, trees in large containers, worms in soil, water problems, grass problems, starch test, actinorhizae, lichens, trees in clusters, young people and trees, bracing problems, wraps, poor quality stock, trees under lines, 90-3-90 at work, insects, cracks, dissections, growth patterns, storm damage, ice injury, over pruning, new ways to kill trees!, dead trees in play grounds, logs, palms over pruned, anthracnose, lightning injury, city tree canopy, and more! The object of the book is to make you think. Size: 9" x 6" x .25" 160 pages, soft cover $20.00
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Pithy Points German edition

Product Code: 73 Tree Pruning translated into German. This item is NOT available from this website. To place an order, please go to: $0.00
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The Alex Shigo Story
The Alex Shigo Story

The Alex L. Shigo Story........

Product Code: CD003   Alex Shigo was an amazing man. He pursued his life and interests with passion and enthusiasm. This story, filmed during the fall and winter of 2005-2006, portrays the people and influences over his life time -- his family and friends, education, music, research, travel, love of trees, and all their many connections. Filmed at his home and the surrounding woods, this video includes photos and music throughout his life. Touch Trees with Alex, get a glimpse of his workshops and travels, hear his music and philosophy shown through the eyes (and camera lens) of his friend, Charley Owens, and through the testimonials of disciples and friends in the tree care industry from around the world. 93 minutes Author / Charley Owens Publisher / "Shigo and Trees, Associates LLC" $25.00
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Backyard Pathology, Alex Shigo
Backyard Pathology
Product Code: CD001 Dr. Shigo takes you on a tour of a New Hampshire woods, stopping to discuss various issues affecting trees and their environments. Like Emerson and Thoreau, this elder naturalist shares the wisdom of his years living in the woods and observing nature in its many forms. This video presentation is narrated by the author, and provides an insight into the physiology and ecology of trees gained from a career lived in close association with trees. 30 minutes running time contains additional files of photos and diagrams   $25.00
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Kids Touch Trees T-Shirt
Product Code: KID55 This great shirt has the gold Touch Trees logo on the front. Perfect for any sprout or sapling sized tree lover!! 100% preshrunk cotton Children sizes: Large - equivalent to 14-16; sized just a bit smaller than an adult size small Medium - equivalent to 10-12 Small - equivalent to 6-8 (picture shows size S on tall 4 year old) Note: Depending on quantity and sizes ordered there may be up to a two week delay on shipping your order.
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Professional Arborist Shirt
Professional Arborist T-Shirt
Product Code: PROJ5 This t-shirt is a dusty sage color short sleeve 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt with design on the front with text in dark sage. The words are on top of a shadow Touch Trees logo. No text or design on sleeves or on shirt back. The Pithy Point is from the book "Tree Pithy Points." Depending on the quantity and size ordered, there MAY be up to a 2 week delay in shipment of your order. You will be notified if your size or quantity is not available for immediate shipment. Text is: The responsibility of professional arborists is to give trees as much high quality time as possible. Pithy Point #134. Size L and XL only $10.00 SPECIAL PRICE
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