Alex Shigo, Jack Phillips, Tree Series
Soul of a Tree
Product Code: SOU72 A new title from Shigo and Trees, Associates!! Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care by Jack Phillips. Extending the sequence of essays that Alex Shigo and Jack Phillips planned and began together, the series has now been completed. This is a book of Shigo philosophy, research and commentary on trees, their environment and care as imparted by Dr. Shigo to Jack Phillips on their walks through the woods and around a microscope. This book greatly expands, and replaces, The Nature of Tree Care. "Why should we bother with this talk of soul? Discovering the inner and communal life of trees can help us to treat them with greater care. We might discover something about ourselves as well." "Arboriculture is not only the cultivation of trees. It is the cultivation of a community to which we belong." "Good arboriculture, according to Shigo, is based on understanding how trees grow and survive." This book would make an excellent companion to Modern Arboriculture. It is written in an understandable conversational style, addressing tree anatomy, biology and care,¬†with a¬†philosophical and environmental perspective as well. This book is soft cover, 6" x 9", 52 pages with full color photos throughout.   $19.00
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