Tree Basics, Alex Shigo
Tree Basics
Product Code: bk006   What every person needs to know about trees. Learn about trees and their associates so that you can help make better decisions for their long-term, high-quality survival. Dr. Shigo explains the complex and fascinating mysteries of how a tree works. Even foresters and botanists will find this helpful for explaining to others the biology of trees. For that reason Tree Basics has been placed in all New Hampshire schools.
  • "Tree Basics" presents an excellent explanation of tree decay and compartmentalization.
  • A complete tree anatomy lesson on how bark, roots, leaves and flowers work.
  • Tree care advice including how to prune correctly.
Size: 11" x 8.5" 40 pages, soft cover   $8.00
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Alex Shigo, Tree Pruning Basics
Tree Pruning Basics
Product Code: PRUBA Correct pruning leads to healthy, beautiful and safe trees. Correct pruning begins with an understanding of branch anatomy. Size: 11" x 8.5" 32 pages, soft cover $14.00
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Tree Anatomy Below Ground, Alex Shigo
Tree Anatomy Below Ground DVD
Product Code: TRE43 DVD of 80 photos by Alex L. Shigo with his own narration detailing: Roots - root hairs, meristematic points, growth Associates - mycorrhizae, bacteria, microorganisms Planting - good and bad Soil - components And more about what's going on and growing in the ground, in and around trees Includes DVD (42 minutes) with easy selection and navigation, and accompanying script $25.00
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Tree Anatomy, Alex Shigo, Tree Basics
Tree Anatomy Combo
Product Code: TREL2 NEW PRICE Tree Anatomy, the book, (list price $79) AND Tree Anatomy Below Ground DVD (list price $25) TOGETHER priced at $85 Sold as one unit Not included as set with Complete Library or Dr. Shigo's Tree Series $70.00 Tree Anatomy, Alex Shigo, Tree BasicsTree Anatomy Below Ground, Alex Shigo
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