A City Without Trees is Dead t-shirt
Short sleeve black t-shirt with Pithy Point #90 (from A Tree Pithy Points book) in white text across front chest. T-shirt is sturdy 100% cotton.
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Touch Trees
Touch Trees T-Shirt
Product Code: TOUH5 This great Touch Trees shirt  has the gold Touch Trees logo on the front. Perfect for any tree lover!! 100% preshrunk cotton Note: Depending on quantity and sizes ordered there may be up to a two week delay on shipping your order. Size S-2x $15.00
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Kids Touch Trees
Product Code: KID55 This great shirt has the gold Touch Trees logo on the front. Perfect for any sprout or sapling sized tree lover!! 100% preshrunk cotton Children sizes: Large - equivalent to 14-16; sized just a bit smaller than an adult size small Medium - equivalent to 10-12 Small - equivalent to 6-8 (picture shows size S on tall 4 year old) Note: Depending on quantity and sizes ordered there may be up to a two week delay on shipping your order.
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Professional Arborist Shirt
Professional Arborist T-Shirt
Product Code: PROJ5 This t-shirt is a dusty sage color short sleeve 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt with design on the front with text in dark sage. The words are on top of a shadow Touch Trees logo. No text or design on sleeves or on shirt back. The Pithy Point is from the book "Tree Pithy Points." Depending on the quantity and size ordered, there MAY be up to a 2 week delay in shipment of your order. You will be notified if your size or quantity is not available for immediate shipment. Text is: The responsibility of professional arborists is to give trees as much high quality time as possible. Pithy Point #134. www.SHIGOANDTREES.com s-2x $15.00
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7 Pleas for Trees T-Shirt
Product Code: 7 P05 The following 7 Pleas for Trees comments are printed in black text on the back of a gray short sleeve t-shirt. The Shigo and Trees logo is on the left front chest. Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Available only to stock on hand. Special pricing $10.00   7 Pleas for Trees Prepare: Learn about trees and their care. Plan: Select planting location carefully and allow for tree growth. Protect: Protect from wounding Prevent: Prevent development of decay if damage occurs. Prune: Prune as necessary, and prune properly. Remove dead branches and suppressed sprouts. Provide: Provide adequate water, sunlight and care for healthy growth. Professionals: Utilize qualified assistance when needed. Size: s-2x $15
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Appearance and Vigor
Appearance and Vigor T-Shirt
Product Code: APP85 Appearance and vigor are not related. Pithy Point #121 Lime Green Shirt with Black Text; Touch Trees logo on left sleeve Size Only small $15.00
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SALT T-Shirt
SALT T-shirt
Product Code: S.A55 What is your S.A.L.T. index? Do you: See or just look? Act or just wait? Listen or just hear? Touch or just watch? Pithy Point #522 Description: Sand Wash Blue Shirt with Navy Text; Touch Trees logo on left sleeve   Note: Only in stock items available - no back orders. Special pricing now $9 each. $15.00 s-2x
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