A City Without Trees is Dead t-shirt
Short sleeve black t-shirt with Pithy Point #90 (from A Tree Pithy Points book) in white text across front chest. T-shirt is sturdy 100% cotton.
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Appearance and Vigor t-shirt
Appearance and Vigor are not related. This is Pithy Point #121 from the book "Tree Pithy Points" Shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton, burgundy color with light gray text on the front chest, short sleeve.
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Trees Make Love Quietly t-shirt
Trees Make Love Quietly" is Pithy Point #68 from the book "Tree Pithy Points" Shirt design is on front chest; yellow with green text and has a picture of a tree containing a red outlined heart. Shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton.
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A New Tree Biology and Dictionary
A New Tree Biology and Dictionary Facts, Photos, and Philosophies on Trees and Their Problems and Proper Care Product Code: bk003 A New Tree Biology changed the way the world looked at, studied and understood trees from the inside and out.  A New Tree Biology and Dictionary were originally in two parts. Now they are combined as A New Tree Biology and Dictionary, the text and terms all in one! A New Tree Biology and Dictionary is sturdy hardcover, 619 pages, 688 photos plus references and index, followed by the dictionary of 132 pages, with quick reference to 239 important subjects, all in one book . This is a comprehensive resource. Chapter headings: Emerging, a New Tree Biology; Trees and Insects and Mites; Trees and Micoorganisms; Trees and Animals; Survival; Leaves; Fruit; The Cambium and Bark; Roots; Prelude to the Branch; Branches; Branch Shedding; Epicormic Branches and Limb Drop; Wood and Boundaries; Heartwood and Discolored Wood and the System; Wetwood; Chestnut Blight; Hypoxlyn Canker; Strumella Canker; Cankers; Canker Rots; Polyporus glomeratus; Fomes everhartii; Fumes pini – Canker Rot in Pine; Caution; Fomes pini and Related Species; Armillaria mellea; Root Rot; Fomes annosus; Tree Treatments; Pruning; Included Bark and Pruning; Topping; Cracks; Basal Sprouts; Callus and Wound Closure; Cavities; Injections and Implants; Wound Dressings; Trichoderma and Bicontrol; Cabling and Bracing; Other Treatments and Problems; Genetics; Dutch Elm Disease; Fire Blight; Utility Poles and Wood Products; The Future. Size: 9.5" x 6.5" x 1.5", hard cover $90.00
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5 Minutos Para Cuidar los Arboles
Spanish language version of 5 Minute Tree Care. Large simple diagrams show tree selection, planting and pruning information using red "stop" and green "go" text and diagrams for the basics of proper tree care. A simple guide for those who want to know the correct way to care for their tree, as well as a perfect gift from tree care professionals to explain their tree care practices to clients. 12 pages, soft cover, 6" x 9" $5.00
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Dr. Shigo’s Tree Series
Product Code: bk010 A collection of all 9 books 1 each of 9 individual books: 100 Tree Myths, Modern Arboriculture, A New Tree Biology and Dictionary, Tree Anatomy, Tree Basics, Tree Pithy Points, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Basics, Soul of a Tree: Conversations with Alex Shigo on the Nature of Tree Care (by Jack Phillips)   $268.00 [gallery ids="86,85,84,83,82,77,73,62,59"]
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